The Tender Age 2

Dolphin Entertainment

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CAST: Vitaliy Us., Artur, Andrey Nazarov, Ivan, Uriy Or., Vanechka, Alexey Ivanov, Evgeniy Mironov, Saulius, Renaldas

DIRECTOR: Alex Clark

RELEASE DATE: 5/30/2001

''Dolphin hits the Tender Age 2'' Alex Clark, the director of The Tender Age 2, knows how to gather beautiful boys and capture them in natural moments of play and lust. Throughout Tender Age 2, shots of boys playing ball of horsing around are intercut in the sex scenes the tension of a secret tryst? Is he saying that sex is just another form of play between boys? Or is he saying that all play is foreplay? We think it’s a bit of all of those things. The end result is erotic, regardless of the intention. Each of the five scenes pairs two boys together at time for an innocent tryst hidden from the group during a summer campout.

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