The Lair: The Rise of Dark Stroke


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CAST: Brodie, Brad Slater, Kai Raben, Mark Galfione

DIRECTOR: Beau Bradley

RELEASE DATE: 2/9/2007

Holy helpless hunks, there’s a brand new director at Hard Heroes! Jimmy Fingers knows what you want and it’s all here for the taking.

Kai Raben and Brad Slater are the WONDER BOYS, a pair of super-hot, super-horny superheroes sheathed in smooth spandex and ready to fight the good fight. Of course, what’s a hero without a powerful adversary to test his limits?

Mark Galfione takes perverse delight in filling the badguy boots of DARK STROKE. So what’s the story here, anyway? Seems a government scientist by the name of Kracken has come up with a chemical compound that will reduce even the toughest he-man to a quivering, oversexed pleasure fiend... and unfortunately for the Wonder Boys, Dark Stroke has stolen the mysterious joy jelly and hidden it away in his dark, creepy lair!

Our heroes bolt into action, but on his own turf, Dark Stroke has the advantage and soon the Wonder Boys are caught and bound, struggling to resist their captor’s cruel taunting. The Boys finally do get their hands on their sleazy foe and we get a dirty, strip-down battle royale that leaves all three men nude, wet and panting.

What a perfect time for Dark Stroke to try out his new orgasm oil! Soon each man is stroking his slick, swollen meat with heady abandon. (Watch the cum fly!)

Rounding out the program is a mini-story featuring sex stud Brodie as PHANTOM STAR, a spandex-clad superhero who falls victim to a mysterious mist that induces delirious hallucinations of bondage and meat-massage!

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