The Lair 2 : Darkstroke's Demise


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CAST: Brett Matthews, Kai Raben, Adam Faust

DIRECTOR: Beau Bradley

RELEASE DATE: 5/8/2007

The forces of good and evil collide once again in Darkstroke's Demise Lair 2. This time around, Darkstroke tricks a hapless cop into opening a poisoned case. The case releases a mind controlling vapor which forces the hunky cop to follow Darkstroke's orders and become the evil Sementor. Newly transformed, Sementor sets out to destroy the forces of good.

He starts off by abducting Wonderboy and throwing him into a jail cell. Wonderboy puts up an admirable fight, but he's ultimately outmatched and overpowered by bigger, stronger Sementor. Poor Wonderboy is out cold and utterly helpless. Luckily, Sodom Steel shows up just in the nick of time to save Wonderboy but Sementor shows no mercy and bags him too. With both Sodom Steel and Wonderboy unconscious in the cell, Sementor takes advantage and shackles and binds them both. Wonderboy and Sodom struggle and strain but to no avail. Sementor takes the dominance of his two captors one step further when he dopes them both up with a mind control potion. It soon takes hold and both Wonderboy and Sodom Steel begin mindlessly jerking themselves off, oblivious to everything else around them. Sementor leaves them subdued and helpless to capture his prize prey, Gravity.

Desperate to find his young ward, Gravity searches for Wonder boy, having received a telepathic message that he's in trouble. But once again, Sementor is one step ahead and is laying in wait. This time however, it's Gravity who proves to be the strongest adversary. In his tight, green spandex suit, Gravity quickly turns the tables and has Sementor begging for his throbbing cock. Gravity turns Sementor into his own personal bitch, fucking him hard and leaving him frozen in place on the bed by his gravity field. Wonderboy and Sodom Steel are still dazed out when Gravity finally finds them and feeds them the antidote to Darkstroke's mind control potion. Gravity saves the day as Wonderboy's eyes fill with hero worship.

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