The Carrier (HardHeroes Vol. 6)


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CAST: Rush, J.C., Kriss Wood, Oliver Swift, Nicholas Maitland

DIRECTOR: Beau Bradley

RELEASE DATE: 10/1/2013

CARRIER is produced and directed by Can-Am prince Beau Bradley, which presumably means he's back in Boss Sexton's favor. Which begs the question: How do you like Prince Beau better? (a) Behind the camera. or (b) Tied up and worked over in front of the camera. Tell Boss Sexton. Meanwhile.... Carrier is a bad guy leatherman who has boytoys shipped to his secret bunker for his perverted pleasures. However the last shipment was more than he bargined for. The hoped for boytoy turns out to be young-n-lean newcomer Kris Wood... a good guy hero in red..."delivered" to capture Carrier. But not so fast. They struggle for control but young Kris is no match for Carrier and is rendered helpless from the fumes from Carrier's spray weopen. Left hung up on a dungeon device, Kris is later found by his three hero buddies...blond hottie J.C. in skin tight yellow; marine recruit looking Rush, and hotbody Nicholas....both in silver hero gear. Carrier interupts the heroes' rescue efforts and the good guy / bad guy dynamics change. Young Kris had been "fumed" over to the dark side and joins Carrier in the pro-longed and action packed struggle to capture the three hero rescue team. Once all are captured, stripped, and bound to Carrier's assortment of dungeon equipment, Carrier turns on his new follower Kris... and adds him to his collection of slaves. Carrier moves from boytoy to boytoy.... punching, pounding, groping... salaciously enjoying the struggles of his captives. To insure their loyalty, Carrier "fumes" all four before releasing them to perform a four-way group jack-off. Cleverly having held their breaths while being fumed, the clear-headed and reunited heroes gang up on Carrier. They beat him down and box pack him up for shipment to the county jail.... but not before EVERYBODY shoots their load at you. Time it right... and you can all cum together.

BONUS BONDAGE SEGMENT Following CARRIER on the same DVD, Beau Bradley plays the bad guy IRON MASK, with his good guy buddy hotbody Ron Master. Drop net captured in his skin tight yellow hero suit... handsome tightly muscled Ron gets tied up in multiple positions and beat up for yours and Beau's pleasure. No plot here. Just a very tasty bonus segment of Ron Master struggling beautifully in Beau Bradley bondage.

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