The Capture of Silverback


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CAST: Jimmy Dean, Roger Marvick aka Big Roger

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 5/31/2012

Listen up all you Hard Heroes fans: 2003 is your year and has launched! Can-Am’s newest web site brings together the hottest bodies, the tightest outfits, and the sexiest traps. But Boss Sexton knows you want big-screen pleasure, too, so he’s releasing the first of many hero-fantasy programs, The Capture of Silverback. It features the magnificent Roger Marvick in a glorious Can-Am debut opposite the unstoppable Jimmy Dean. Dean is the evil Collector, and what he collects is rock hard muscle. The Collector has his sights on Silverback - and who can blame him? Silverback’s amazing musculature is barely contained by his spandex body suit. The Collector’s henchman surprises Silverback, but wants to have some fun of his own before delivering the prize to his master. With Silverback tied up and helpless, the henchman worships those huge slabs of muscle and that hard, huge, ringed hero cock. Silverback is injected with the Collector’s special jack-off serum. The serum turns its victim into a mass of sexual energy, but the orgasm will put him to sleep. Both the henchman and Silverback get worked up into a frenzy and both explode. Of course, Silverback is now passed out and helpless, and the Collector appears. He carries our hero off to his lair and places him in a vat of liquid stone, before placing him on display in the Collector’s Hall of Hard. Pass the serum!


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