The Academy: Super Stud School (HardHeroes Vol. 7)


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CAST: Beau Bradley, Ron Masters, Jay Moore, Ron Rougeaux, Rush, Sammy Gee

DIRECTOR: Beau Bradley

RELEASE DATE: 2/18/1995

"Evil is lurking in our city.... while deep underground good, strong men are training to stop it." In the Super Stud School's secret underground training facility, tuff as nails strength conditioning drill instructor Jimmy Dean puts four rookie hero trainees Sammy Gee, Jay Moore, Rush, and Ron Rougeaux through their paces. In the ring, Dean chooses off the hero trainees one at a time demonstrating his superior strength. The facility's alarm system goes off. Somewhere in the city, evil must be stopped. And Dean's trainees, ready or not, must respond to this alarm. Each trainee suits up, one at a time, in skin tight hero gear. First Blue, then Silver, Green, and finally Sapphire. On the outskirts of town in the city's no-man's-land, a huge supposedly deserted factory is pin pointed as the heros' mission target. They split up and enter the darkened building from all sides. Deep inside, hero Blue blunders into deep trouble. A mysterious but strangely familiar anti hero geared in commando green surprises hero Blue and challenges him to wrestle. Hero Blue fights hard but he is no match for the Commando. Soon unconscious hero Blue's ankles are tied together and he's drug deeper into the bowels of the building. The same fate befalls hero Silver. Then hero Green. And finally hero Sapphire. All four super stud trainees are beaten unconscious, tied up, and wake up to find themselves prisoners in Commando's secret dungeon. In the center of the dungeon is Commando's favorite torture toy... his full body suction rack. One by one... still fully geared.... Commando forces his hero trainee captives onto the rack, and into the suction body bag. After each trainee is sucked to his limits, he's removed from the suction bag... totally naked. The suction bag literally vaporized their suits leaving them bare assed for Commando's next order. Following each suction session, he drags the hero trainee back to where he was captured, orders him to jack off for him, then leaves all four of them to somehow find their way out of his stronghold... and back to the Academy Super Stud School... naked. Was all of this a part of the Academy's training program..... an emergency scenario devised to test their hero capabilities? Was the anti-hero Commando actually Beau Bradley? Since each trainee failed the mission... will they be booted out of the Academy? Are Jimmy Dean and Beau Bradley good heros... or anti-heroes? Ask Boss Sexton?

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