Tales From The Chamber 3


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CAST: Andrew Lane, Ron Masters, Andy Flyer, Beau Bradley, Jarda Kolar, Lincoln Load, Steve Shannon, Jirka Kalvoda

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 5/29/2008


1. OMEGA PRIME VS STAR LAD & ATOMIC To root out heroes gone bad, Steve Shannon SKA (Secretly Known As) Omega Prime penetrates the Cavern of the Red Crystal... the subterranean hideout of Euro hunks Jarda Kolar and Jirka Kuvoda SKA Star Lad and Atomic respectively. Omega's presence is discovered by the dastardly duo who gas Omega into unconsciousness. When he comes to, Omega finds himself helplessly spread eagled in a dungeon. Star Lad and Atomic rip apart Omega's skin tight yellow hero suit. They roughly manhandle their captive while taking turns sucking hero cock finally forcing Omega to cum. Outraged Omega flex struggles and breaks free of his bondage, and knocks Star Lad and Atomic out cold. Angrily Omega rips open their hero suits for a little payback.. The evil heroes regain consciousness and a fierce two-on-one battle ensues. When Omega triumphs, he securly ties Star Lad and Atomic to dungeon devices, places a ticking bomb at their feet, and makes his escape from the Cavern of the Red Crystal. Then... KA-BOOM ! Is this the end of Star Lad and Atomic?

2. HOOKER Ron Masters SKA Fly Boy investigates a deserted prison looking for another hero-gone-bad....Lincoln Lode SKA Hooker. Hooker gets his name from the dangerously evil hook that replaces his severed right hand. A surprised Fly Boy finds himself ensnared and rendered helpless by a net dropped from overhead, then gassed. Regaining consciousness Fly Boy finds himself spread eagled against cell bars awaiting his fate. Soon rookie hero hunk Andrew Lane SKA Blue Wing finds his captured partner Fly Boy. Fly Boy's rescue attempt is discovered by Hooker and they fight for control. Hooker wins, ties Fly Boy and Blue Wing together, and vaporize their hero suits leaving them bare assed. Hooker brain washes our heroes and when we last see them, both are crawling naked on their hands and knees... obediently following their new master. The End?

3. ECLIPSE VS CHAMELEON After personally testing his suction restraint rack, questionable hero Beau Bradley SKA Chameleon discovers nosey hero Andy Flyer SKA Eclipse searching his secret laboratory. Angered, Chameleon attacks Eclipse and a fierce fight to unmask each other begins. Their prolonged struggle tests the strength and energy of each until Chameleon finally overpowers the smaller Eclipse. Soon Eclipse finds himself spread out helpless on the very suction restraint rack he'd been searching for. Paralyzied he sees and feels a heavy rubber sheet cover his body as Chameleon zips it closed like a body bag. Chameleon enjoys terrorizing his captive by sucking the air out little by little until Eclipse is totally and absolutely immobile in his air tight captivity. So totally airless and air tight is the suction rack that even the hairs on Eclipse's body could be counted. Later, Chameleon releases his captive hero, throws him over his sholder, and carries Eclipse out of the laboratory. The End?

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