Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Doug Brandon, Cody Brandon, Jeff Blackstone, Jarrod Lake,


RELEASE DATE: 3/16/2009

Can-Am`s in-house sadist Doug Brandon (wearing silver trunks) and his sadist-in-training little brother Cody Brandon (wearing gold trunks) practice their tagteam treachery on tough-as-nails Jarrod Lake (wearing yellow trunks) and tagteam partner Jeff Blackstone (wearing plum trunks). The Brandon Brothers attack their opponents like a freight train hitting a fruit stand. Before the fruit hits the mat, all trunks have been ripped off, and ball grabbing, ass slapping, dirty double team street brawling explodes in do-or-die high velocity action. Losers get tied up, beaten, escape, tie up their opponents, beat them, they escape, more carnage, more bondage, more agony, and more get-your-moneys-worth mayhem in both the pro ring and the oil pit. And as a boner bonus for you bad boy Doug Brandon fans, Doug soaps it up rock hard in a solo shower shooter scene. So... if no-holds-barred dirty, sexy, street fighting punches your buttons, you`re gonna be punch drunk ecstatic with...

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