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CAST: John Magnum, Paulo Thiago, Zachary Perry

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 2/16/2014

John Magnum as Captain USA
Paulo Thiago as Genesis, his loyal partner
Zachary Perry as Goblin

Deep in the lair of the villainous Goblin, a faint, blue glow pierces the velvet blackness. Dashing Captain USA, swathed in iconic blue and red skin-hugging lycra, ventures into the twisting darkness in search of the evil menace.

"You don't say much, do you?" Cap rumbles, as the peculiar blue light gains greater intensity.

Suddenly Cap is rendered useless as waves of debilitating pain course through his taut body. An ominous fog swirls around him as the unforgettable laughter of the Goblin himself reaches a terrifying crescendo. Turning over in agony, Cap displays exquisite back muscles hard at work battling against the wearying blue light. As his last ounce of strength is drained, a figure emerges from the shadows, looming over our beautiful hero.

"You're no match for me..." the hostile offender says assuredly, before dragging poor Captain into the enveloping shadows...

So begins the newest in a line of heroic, erotic adventures for Captain USA.

Captain writhes upon a crimson bed, his impressive package beautifully displayed through shiny blue lycra. Incapacitated, but unafraid, our hero struggles against his bonds and the powers of the soul-zapping blue light. The green-garbed Goblin materializes out of the twilight dimness, ready for some lycra-on-lycra revenge. Is it lovemaking our torture he exacts upon our hero, as he sucks and nuzzles his hardening cock through his costume? Hands explore the struggling, firm-torsoed frame of Captain USA, who seems torn between feelings of enjoyment and rage. Gagged and bound, he endures the strangling, punching, hot jacking, kissing of his enemy.

It isn't long before this perfect duet becomes a trio, as sleek and slender Genesis arrives on the scene to rescue his partner. The tight, Cuban creation suffers much the same fate as Cap, weakened by the light and strapped to a matching crimson bed, where Goblin has his way with the moaning maven of justice. Through an open triangle in his costume, we are treated to the exquisite sight of the bound hero's rock hard, heaving, muscular chest.

At last the light has completed its transformation of Cap's very soul, and the ties of bondage are slowly, sensually removed.

"What now, Master?" Cap hisses, bowing in reverence to Goblin.

"You two fight," orders Goblin, with a demented grin. "Whoever loses, I'm gonna fuck."

And just like that, the two comrades and partners tear into each other, hand-to-hand, flawless heroic frame against tall, towering pillar of strength. It's a thrashing, rolling, fight to the finish as these two perfectly formed heroes press each other into unbearable positions of pain and punishment. Straddles, sleepers, elbows slamming into abs, rough choking, and deep-throated screams of agony, all under the ever-watchful eye of Goblin, who gazes at the fighters with eyes ablaze.

Is this the end of Captain USA and Genesis? Can these hard heroes turn the tables on Goblin and his soul-switching light of doom? Can they somehow escape the effects of the blue light and give Goblin the ass-splitting, cock-smacking, balls in the the face, spit splattering, two-way ass pounding torture he deserves?

In a parade of tight, clenched asses, taut bare feet, flawless lips wrapped around fat, thick, muscular cocks, and some of the most chiseled abdominal muscles imaginable, this cum spewing episode is the latest and greatest of our Hard Hero's erotic adventure series.

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