Sweet 69 Holes Vol. 1 Part 2

Dolphin Entertainment

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DIRECTOR: Alex Clark

RELEASE DATE: 6/2/2004

Love to see very young-looking males sprawled on a sofa masturbating, or bent over on it twiddling their assholes? 23 smooth Russian twinks audition for stardom by jacking for an interviewer. These are nice boys, chefs, cadets, psychology students, and carpenters. Most identify as straight, although a few confess to gay experiences or hustling, which don't seem to disturb them. They're relaxed-profoundly relaxed, to judge from how loose and juicy their (often surprisingly hairy) anuses are when they finger them in enormous close-ups. Several seem very proud of being able to make their virgin fuck-holes squint and open, squint and open for the camera. Dolphin Entertainment picks its models for very young-looking bodies and very pretty faces, so not all the dicks are huge, and one applicant can't quite come his first time on-camera. But most spray or belch or drool admirable loads onto Dolphin's nice furniture, and most laugh about it afterwards. And they all have that incredible Europea.

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