SuperStuds: The Capture


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CAST: Jimmy Dean, Lincoln Jade, Andrew Lane, Kyle Waters, Ron Masters,

DIRECTOR: Beau Bradley

RELEASE DATE: 11/18/2004


The critics quack: "Boss Sexton has gone too far! His super hero plot lines have no credibility. His muscle hunk heroes flex too much and suffer too long. Their second-skin suction-lycra hero suits show off way too much. And the video`s lurid colors are too intense and look like comic books." The hacks hawk: "Sexton`s `resident` hunk hero (initials..B.B., and director of "The Capture") needs violence and sadism counseling." So Can-Am customers be forewarned, "The Capture" is good for only one thing...masturbation; and will cause friction burns and palm warts. Mega City Free Press

THE CAPTURE (the fair and balanced details) Out to ambush capture some of Boss Sexton`s super heroes, leather muscle villian Fore Shadow (Jimmy Dean) sends out a phony distress call to Hero Headquarters. Instantly green geared hero Cyclone (Kyle Waters), blue geared hero Titanium (Lincoln Lode), silver geared hero Silverhawk (Ron Masters), and red geared hero Crush (Andrew Lane) become their crime fighting alter egos and rush into Fore Shadow`s trap. In an unknown concrete labyrinth, Cyclone takes a paralizer dart in the neck. Fore Shadow drags his helpless hero to his hideout`s gym and sadistically jobber beats Cyclone into a leg-lock choke hold submission, then ankle binds his unconscious captive. Back in the labyrinth, Fore Shadow neck darts Titanium, drags him back to his lair, brutalizes him into unconsciousness with a neck-breaker choke hold, and ankle binds his second muscle hero. Not knowing where his three stud buds are, Silverhawk falls unconscious victim to Fore Shadow`s third dart, is dragged away, and stubbornly submits to a manhood destroying crotch claw. Alone and lost in the labyrinth, Crush takes Fore Shadow`s fourth dart, is beaten unconcious with a choke hold sleeper, ankle tied, and laid out with his comrades. Hero-gone-bad Fore Shadow has captured and made prisoners of four of Boss Sexton`s hottest heroes. To enjoy his victory, Fore Shadow puts the heroes in humiliating dangling display. Still in hero gear, Cyclone, Titanium, Silverhawk, and Crush are suspended off the ground hanging by their bound together wrists. To better his view, Fore Shadow strips the heroes to Speedos; and finally leaves them twisting and turning and sweating naked under harsh overhead heat lamps. The final visual of the four heroes stripped, stretch-suspended, and struggling is comic book muscle bondage heaven brought to life by director Beau Bradley. And somewhere in his labyrinth, can`t you just hear Fore Shadow chuckling to his echos...."What are you going to do now, Boss Sexton? Come on. Come and rescue your precious heroes....he he he"

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