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CAST: Tony Valor, Paul Perris, Ken Edwards,


RELEASE DATE: 9/29/2008

Paul Perris is the self-proclaimed and rarely disputed "Superstar" of Ron Sexton`s CAN-AM wrestling stable. Barely 21 year old muscleboy Tony Valor thinks its time for Paul Perris to retire, and feels he`s the one for the job, and CAN-AM`s #1 spot. Incredibly, these two CAN-AM favorites have never wrestled before. But as Tony Valor`s body has gotten tougher and more muscular, so has his mouth and ego. Tired of Valor`s insults and challenges, Perris asked Sexton if he`d like to tape "Tony boy`s one-way-ticket to the ER." Sexton`s video team shot Perris in peach bikinis, and Valor in his trademark hot pink bikinis. 1ST FALL: Surprisingly aggressive, Tony bullies Paul taking every dirty-wrestling advantage. Tony brutally dominates the mighty Paul Perris for a first fall submission with a bone cracking figure-4 leg breaker Perris resists heroically. 2ND FALL: Perris` explosive vengeance comeback racks the muscleboy with double the pain and punishment he dished out in the first fall, finally forcing a Valor submission with a spinal attack camel clutch. 3RD FALL: Both hardbodies are tired and sore, and brutally exchange punishing blow for blow until Perris ties a groggy Tony Valor spreadeagled in the ropes for what will be the most punishing lesson in the young musclegod`s brief career. Perris systematically goes about beating Valor into humiliated unconsciousness... then poses and struts having spectacularly retained his self-proclaimed CAN-AM "Superstar Title." This match is deadly competitive muscle-victor mat action at its best! But there`s more... a second feature bonus oil match pitting Paul Perris against an opponent that almost matches the mighty Perris pound-for-pound and muscle mass... pink bikinied Kevin Edwards. In a yellow bikini Paul Perris test his strength against Kevin Edwards in the 1ST FALL as their oiled musculature flexes and strains against each other until Perris locks Edwards head into his crotch, locked in by his tree trunk thighs... forcing a painful head crushing submission from Kevin. 2ND FALL: Perris suffers long and hard in this fall stubbornly submitting to a damaging figure-4 leg breaker. 3RD FALL: Perris storms back for the inevitable win punishing Kevin`s hardbody with a series of body wracking submission holds finally putting him out with a prolonged choke hold. A superstar pro and oil / Paul Perris double feature for $29 bucks.

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