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CAST: Doug Brandon, Guy Bolton,


RELEASE DATE: 9/29/2008

Boss Sexton likes to keep the Can-Am action top notch, so when tough guy Doug Brandon offered to teach up and coming Guy Bolton a few new moves, it was an offer he couldn`t pass up. And of course he ordered his Toronto studio manager to get it all on tape! As you longtime Can-Am fans know, Doug Brandon`s record of nasty wins almost justifies his arrogant attitude. Almost. But Guy Bolton is no slouch, having dominated his share of match ups against several Can-Am regulars. Early on, you can tell Bolton is trying to be a good sport as Brandon`s ego gets in the way of the lesson and he teases Bolton about his wrestling skill. But Bolton finally snaps, and the lesson turns into a no holds barred duel between these equally sexy studs. Bolton may not know all the moves, but he knows enough to subject Brandon into several brutal and painful submissions. Finally putting him out in round three, he drags Brandon into the oil pit for a lesson in humility - even rubbing his big dick on Brandon`s face. When it`s all over, the only thing these two seem to finally agree on is grabbing each other`s dicks and working them up for two hot jack-off`s. You will be so glad we decided to tape this!

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