SUPERMATCH 3 (BRANDON VS VALOR)-sadist & muscleboy DVD

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Tony Valor, Doug Brandon,


RELEASE DATE: 9/24/2009

Easily among the most popular titles in the Can-Am erota-wrestling video library are our totally original storyline SUPERMATCHES. Best selling SUPERMATCHES 1 & 2 were FLEX VS DOUG BRANDON, and KICKASS BODYBUILDER FEUD. SUPERMATCH 3 pits 21 year old muscleboy Tony Valor against the brutally sadistic Doug Brandon in a grueling one hour, four part, pro action, bare assed epic (all on the same DVD).
Part 1 / Sadist and muscleboy size each other up in a pre-match gym workout. Part 2 / Dirty pro ring wrestling in singlets peeling down to bikinis, then rip-stripped to bare asses. Naked muscleboy Tony takes a thorough beating helplessly tied up in a corner. Part 3 / Pro oil pit wrestling where sadist Brandon endures his own bondage session, stripped naked for the first time on video. Part 4 / Viciously victorious Brandon drags his beaten and defeated muscleboy back to the weight machines and leaves him tied up again. SUPERMATCH 3 is bare-assed, bound and bashed, erota-wrestling at its best. Do not miss young musclegod Tony Valor in pink trunks, in trouble, in pain, in oil, in bondage, and in your dreams. Highly recommended.

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