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RELEASE DATE: 12/30/2008

SUPERMATCH 29A BOBBY HOPKINS DOUBLE FEATUREMost of you know that killer hot Bobby Hopkins is the little brother of legendary Can-Am superstarBo Hopkins. Very popular and equally sexy, Bobby is a competent wrestler and very much his ownman. In MATCH 1, Bobby bulges in a skimpy yellow bikini. His opponent is a very handsome hotbody named Tony Nova showing most of what he's got almost wearing a white thong. Both men have golden bronze tans and are in peak physical condition. This is very sexy eye candy wrestling at its best.. full ofpunishing muscle display holds. Bobby suffers beautifully. For your prolonged pleasure, Bobby and Tony distribute pain, punishment, and humiliation pretty evenly until one of them falls victim to a particularly convincing rope choke finish. The rope follows the boys into the oil pit for some fucking delicious bare assed wrestling sex play. A little rope can be of great advantage when it incompasitates a limb or two. This very satisfying body beautiful oil pit bash endsup with both Bobby and Tony pumping off giant loads of creamy white spluge...spectacular against their ripped, tanned bodies. Up next...butt-licious Bo is back in MATCH 2 against pretty boy Troy Marks. Sinceboth boys are wearing similar colored "orange-ish" trunks, you'll have to pay extra attention to the sexyblur of their butts and bulges to tell them apart. In this match-up, you'll enjoy watching hunky muscle boyBo take the brunt of the match's beating from pretty boy Troy.... all the way to a jack off finish.

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