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CAST: Paul Perris, Ken Daniels, Doug Brandon, Jax,


RELEASE DATE: 12/23/2002

Boss Sexton has another holiday treat in store for you longtime Can-Am fans. Once again he's opened the vaults and raided his private collection to bring you two Can-Am stars in their absolute prime: Dirty Doug Brandon and champion kick-boxer, Paul Perris. SuperMatch 16 brings back brawny bodybuilder Ken Daniels (last seen in Muscle Match Two) against the sexy and sinewy Perris. Daniels is one big slab of beef, and Perris is an agile wonder. Where Daniels relies on brute strength, Perris relies on his quick moves. Of course, Perris also has lethal kicking abilities, and no one wants to be caught in one of his leg crushers! This one could go either way, with both boys taking their respective licks. But when Daniels declares "bring on all the marbles", the oil match truly heats up and it¹s an all out battle of brawn vs. technique! SuperMatch 17 features Brandon against the wild and wiry Jax. Jax has heard all about the notorious Brandon¹s tricks and tirades, and he's out to top the master bad boy in sheer cockiness. However, it becomes obvious that Brandon looks upon Jax as a mere plaything. And such are the makings of one wild ride through three rounds in the ring and two rounds in the oil. Jax learns early to fight just as dirty as Brandon, and he does get a few good licks in. But we all know that just makes Brandon fight harder, and towards the end of the ring action, even Jax's bleeding won¹t stop Brandon. He just shouts out "I love blood!" as he hauls Jax's sorry ass into the oil pit for even more whipping. Once again, Jax makes a go of it and surprises Brandon with some smooth moves. Finally it comes down to the inevitable jerk off race, as you are rewarded with two cum shots! Warm up those cold winter nights with some vintage Can-Am performances!

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