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CAST: Jimmy Dean, Beau Hopkins, Travis, Christopher,


RELEASE DATE: 8/5/2002

The “supermatch” is a long standing Can-Am tradition. Two hot guys take to the ring before ending up in the notorious Can-Am oil pit. But this time we break with tradition and offer two matches at once! You don’t mind, do you? Especially when this video features two of Can-Am’s proudest wrestlers along side two of our newest pieces of prime stud meat. Supermatch 14 is a sure fire treat for long time fans. Infamous bad boy, Jimmy Dean, takes on chiseled man-god, Beau Hopkins. You fans have been screaming for more of Beau, and Boss Sexton delivers. Too bad Beau’s a little out of practice though, because Jimmy unleashes his full arsenal of dirty tricks. But Beau suffers so damn well, it’s pure viewing pleasure. Beau does get his own licks in on Jimmy, but in the oil pit it’s game over as Beau is put to sleep and thrown over the side while Jimmy takes care of his throbbing dick. Supermatch 15 features new Canadian studs, Christopher and Travis. Travis must have watched Jimmy in action, because he wants Christopher in pain. Christopher fights back hard, but not hard enough. His final submission in the ring means he’s fireman carried to the oil pit. But in a twist, Travis has decided they should both put their tights back on and spend a little time oiling down their muscles. Of course those oil soaked tights get ripped off when the battle resumes! Travis continues to dominate the action, leading to double cum shots. After all, Supermatches 14 & 15 delivers double the fun!

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