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CAST: Beau Hopkins, Tom Flex,


RELEASE DATE: 7/20/2006

Beau Hopkins and Tom Flex have always been among the biggest stars in Can-Am's stable of studs. And of course, they've also been personal favorites and friends of Boss Sexton. So when Beau wanted to retire from the ring and Tom wanted to concentrate solely on being the studio manager, Boss Sexton asked for a personal favor: the first and only match between the two stars. The result is an amazingly good time, as both do their best to give the boss an incredible show and keepsake of their wrestling careers. You gear-hounds will love that each round of the match brings a new and sexy outfit for each hunk. Starting in muscle-molding tights, Flex dominates the first round by keeping Beau winded with crunching leg scissors, knee raises, and body punches. And Flex can throw a punch. Beau's pecs, abs, arms and thighs all serve as meaty punching bags for Flex's big fists. Beau manages a couple of good reversals after sucker-punching Flex. But an over the shoulder arm stretch, leg scissors, and Boston Crab only make Flex angry, and he responds with a kick to the head. Down and stunned, with Flex's knees pinning his arms over his head, Flex shows off Beau's now bruised forehead for the camera. Even nastier, he takes the opportunity of a debilitating arm bar to pull hairs out of Beau's armpit and chest. And this is just round one folks! Each round of this match brings you even more unbelievable twists to reliable moves such as the Full Nelson, Surfboard, Feat of Strength, Bear Hug, Bow & Arrow, and Schoolboy Pin. Add to this the outrageous personalities of the stars, and this one is sure to overwork the pause, rewind, and slow-motion buttons of your remote. Ending up in the oil pit, a dazed Beau gets four full bottles of baby oil poured all over his tights, crotch, and torso. Now fighting even dirtier and slimier, watch for a ball-biting surprise, and a nipple ring pop-out that will leave you wincing along with the boys. When it's all over, you'll realize why Boss Sexton couldn't keep this one to himself forever!

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