Super Studs: Toxic Water


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CAST: David Taylor, Jobe Zander (Brad Boyer), Kash Fatal (Kash Satal), Patrick Bateman, Rod Daily, Rusty Stevens, Vince Ferelli

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 7/16/2009

Over-the-top and below-the-belt cock sucking comic book fetish super hero pro-wrestling bash and bondage action addicts..... buckle up for SUPERSTUDS: Toxic Water.... `cause you`re gonna get wet and love it.

When Boss Sexton asked me to write a review for ...Toxic Water, he added "You`ll love this." It kills me to admit flat out that he was right. I fucking love this true schlock comic video madness. THE HEROES - Six total in 3 captured-bondage-&-bash segments. The credits don`t match up the actors` names and faces, but Jobe Zander, Kash Fatal, David Taylor, Rusty Stevens, Vince Ferelli, Rod Daily, and Patrick Bateman all deserve mention. The plot thickens as the three hero pairs are surprise captured while covertly accessing the secret hideout of super villian Ming the Merciless. The VILLIAN - Jobe Zander invites you to hate him. But he`s so over the top that you forgive and love him because Ming treats his handsome hero captives very very badly. He zaps them into unconsciousness. And they wake up hanging around in very skilled and very flashy fetish bondage. Then MM manipulates, mauls and manhandles, pec pounds and gut punches, interrogates, electro zaps, humiliates, forces fallatio and thoroughly sexploits his six captive super heroes.... an enviable position of sexual power and control.

THE TOXIC WATER SCENE. My favorite for the overly garish truly gruesome and concept-sickness of the scene. The six superhero stud hunks... are herded together... and restrained side by side in some sort of large crazy clinic shower room. Always in full black rubber uniform and rubber helmet, Ming... one by one... turns on the scalding freezing electro charged toxic waters and deadly gases. Now the heroes really suffer for you.... long, loud and spectacularly.... trying to avoid the torturous toxic water. The sounds and suffering hero visuals turn into a first class comic book (continued next week) cliff hanger. The end. Rewind. Watch it again. Ron Sexton and Chad Donovan directed this provocative fetish farse. Pay notice to what you usually don`t notice.... very nice camerawork and editing from Tony Biscotti. Ok. Bottom line. SUPERSTUDS: Toxic Water.... is one of the best tongue-in-cheek super hero comic book jack-off actioners I`ve seen. It`s smarter than it first appears. And funnier than you allow yourself to enjoy. You can love it without hating yourself in the morning. Do it. Get it. -DaddyZeus

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