Stud Slammers

Jet Set Men

  • $39.95
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CAST: Alan Gregory, Alex LeMonde, Brad Benton, Brock Dylan, Christian Taylor, Cody Prescott, Damon Ivy, Danny Rhymes, Dante, Derec Lang, Jack Ryan, Jason Adonis, Jay Heiss, Lance Storm, Lorenzo Vargas, Marc Stone, Mycle Roc, Nino Bacci, Tag Eriksson

DIRECTOR: Chris Steele

RELEASE DATE: 5/2/2011

Jet Set Men presents Stud Slammers starring 26 all American Boys in 12 scenes giving you over 4 hours of hardcore XXX action for one Low Price of $39.95! Starring Brock Dylan, Kyle Hardman, Dante, Jason Adonis, Tag Eriksson and more! We’re all the same – horny – and we all crave different ways to satisfy ourselves. It’s a fact of life, one that leads to infinite sexual variation – something for everyone. Stud Slammers offers 26 All-American muscular hunks doing and getting it their own way in 12 sizzling scenes.

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