Straight Edge 3

Jet Set Men

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CAST: Hayden Stephens, Tyler Saint, Kyle Turner, Josh Griffin, Dak Ramsey, Beau Marcus, Dean Phoenix, Cayden Banks, Josh Hart, Lance Howard, Ali Galani

DIRECTOR: Chad Donovan

RELEASE DATE: 9/23/2009

Jet Set Exclusive Hayden Stephens leads the way in this 7 scene movie of all new action videos featuring guys who are on the Edge of your “nail the straight boy” fantasies and the guys that make them come true before your eyes! The aqua-eyed wonderboy Stephens is featured in a rough locker room double scene with equally blue-eyed Beau Marcus, who rattle the shaky lockers and each other. Stephens also goes it alone in the shower with only a dildo to keep him company, but they make fast friends! Muscled hunk Josh Griffin (“Tackle”) also pops up in a tough guy-on-tough guy scene with fellow con Dak Ramsey that leads to a powerful climax for each in a very tight “box”!

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