Spy Games 1

Dolphin Entertainment

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CAST: Alexander Mack, Anatoliy S., Artem G., Dainis Y., Danny DeNiro, Evgeniy Pauls, Igor D., Ivan Lomov, Lex Wagner, Mario Fox, Maris E., Marius L., Oleg Vorobyev, Stas M., Valeriy B., Vlad K., Vladimir P

DIRECTOR: Alex Clark

RELEASE DATE: 5/30/2004

Filmed on location in exotic Mother Russia, Dolphin Entertainment’s Spy Games Part 1 is a full-throttle, big-budget (and surprisingly scandalous!) spy/fuck epic, stocked with the most delectable and plentifully hung comrades on either side of the iron curtain.

In a plot that could rival Gorky Park or Mission: Impossible for sheer convolution, a handsome gang of lusty soldiers, citizens and spies get their thick juicy rocks off while engaged in all manner of secret investigations and interrogations. Frankly, I gave up on plot early on - there’s a lot of exposition, all of it spoken in inaudible Russian and subtitled in English - but there’s plenty of sweaty dude-on-dude sex at regular intervals to keep your intent interest.

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