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CAST: Andy Roberts, Bart Tyler, Skip Roberts, Peter Ravell


RELEASE DATE: 9/26/2008

This rough and rowdy tag-team actioner pits brother against brother in a sibling slug fest fight to the finish. Impossibly good looking Skip Roberts (wrestling in lime green trunks) and BIG Bart Tyler (wearing pink trunks) square off against Skip`s brother Andy Roberts (in yellow trunks) and musclehunk Peter Ravell (bulging in very small, very tight silver grey trunks). All four hunks wrestle bare foot. The pro ring tag team action explodes after a gym equipment dispute between Skip and Bart, and Andy and Peter. Paired off, the two teams appear evenly matched but soon seize any and every illegal advantage they can to best their opponents. Fall one goes to the team of Andy Roberts and Peter Ravell after the prolonged and brutal double teaming of BIG Bart Tyler. First Peter, then Andy... punish the blond giant until Andy finally extracts a prolonged and stubborn submission from Bart with a back crippling camel clutch. Four-men-in-the ring chaos reigns with the second fall going to Bart and Skip. Simultaneously, Bart head-first pile drives Peter into dreamland while Skip forces his brother Andy to submit applying a punishing double hammerlock/surf board combination. Fall three looks like the Roberts Brothers family feud as they punish each other endlessly. Finally in a spectacular match win finale, Skip holds Andy upside down, and Bart holds Peter upside down, then both Skip and Bart pile drive Andy and Peter head first into the mat at the same time, then pull both Andy and Peter back into twin pins winning the third fall and match. With both Andy and Peter still counting stars, Skip and Bart return to their gym workouts. This brother versus brother bruiser match is tag team mat havoc at its best. Another MUST for your Can-Am collection from producer/boss Ron Sexton.

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