BG Wrestling

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RELEASE DATE: 11/17/2010

STARRING: DINO PHILLIPS AND TODD STEVENSDino Phillips, porn star, loves to spank butt. He places and ad in a local gay newspaper and gets replies. A baby-faced Todd Stevens shows up in painted on, ultra tight worn jeans, showing a huge mound of promise in the front. Dino immediately places him in a most convenient spanking position and starts to give both butt cheeks what for. In between spanks, Dino’s hand loves to feel the tight butt he is spanking. Todd strips off his tight jeans and puts on a sexy pair of underwear. Dino places him on a black leather couch and continues the spanking. Ultimately Todd loses the underwear and Dino, seeing the gorgeous bubble butt in front of him, dives into it for some wonderful ass licking and eating. Todd’s cock has grown, in the meantime, into something way large. Sexy Spank finishes up with eroticism. Dino lies down on a black leather chair, arms behind him, while Todd chows down on Dino’s large hard cock. Later Dino does the same thing to Todd, in kind. The two get into some imaginative positions and ultimately you will see two fantastic cum shots.

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