Sexy Mat Fight 5

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Brett Beckham, Logan Scion

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 8/30/2020

This match is truly a battle of the bulges. But, Brett is clearly the winner, with a package that could rival Nate Cortjito or Jobe Zander for the perfect centerpiece!

Logan is wearing a sexy pair of orange trunks, his body obviously ready for a fight, but it is Brett in his barely-there black “official Can-Am trunks” that will have you salivating. You could chip a tooth on that thing! Good call on the gear Boss!

The two start off congenial enough, they are both looking for tips and pointers on how to be a better wrestler. And you can tell that beneath this gentlemanly facade, both are raring to demolish each other!

They start off with a Test of Strength, the experienced Logan gets the lead, locking Brett in a full Nelson that gives us a museum grade view of his family jewels! But after some back torture and a camel clutch, he smashes Brett’s beautiful bulge a bunch!! But how could you not? It’s an impossible to miss target!

Logan’s a pro and he knows how to torture his opponent. He loves long, drawn out holds, and his arm lock nearly breaks Brett’s arm in two and leave him screaming in anguish! And, the screams grow even louder each time Logan decides to adds some nipple torture and a raging ball claw to his holds! The perfect cherry on top!

Logan is a cocky mother fucker and like every CMF, he leaves himself open for a retaliation from Brett! The Perfect Package locks Logan in a full Nelson and we actually get to see the Latin lover scream for mercy!

A furious battle between the two ensues! They go back and forth, long painful hold after hold! It’s gonna be a photo finish, and no matter who wins, we can guarantee you that the bulge of Brett will be prominently displayed for us to enjoy and for Logan’s to torture!!

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