Scores Settled

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Sky Davis, Logan Scion

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 10/20/2019

The tattooed temptation that is Sky is giving us a great view as he stretches out for his next match. Going through his pushups and ab stretches in his racy red trunks, Sky lets us know he’s ready to compete.

Enter Logan Scion, In barely there navy blue trunks. The traditional trash talk begins:

“What are you doing here? I booked the gym for my workout?”
“Let’s wrestle for it.”

And so the two muscle boys lock up. Logan gets the upper hand, immediately trapping Sky and delivering some beautiful knees to the gut that have Sky flying high!

Logan then begins his domination over Sky! He methodically stretches out each of one of his muscles, pulling Sky up by the hair each time he changes positions! After a particularly nasty arm bar, Logan poses over Sky, showing off his own beautiful body, super smooth, tanned everywhere, he looks like a supermodel.

Sky tries to talk shit to Logan, but that only enrages our perfect Papi to attack him even harder, a knee to Sky’s prominent package, followed by a leg scissor and more blows to the gut!

Logan obviously loves being in control and lets Sky know by choking him out with a sleeper while displaying Sky’s sexy muscle bod for the viewers to drool over!

But, Sky doesn’t know when to shut up! He constantly shouts out insults to Logan, a bunch of F-Bombs and threats, but whenever Logan gets an extra destructive move to Sky, he begs for mercy. As soon as Logan let’s him go, the “You’re a fucking asshole” chants begin again, and Logan goes on the offensive with no thought to his opponents well-being.

I love how Logan draws out each move, he doesn’t switch every 10 seconds, he luxuriously lounges in each devastating hold, locking them long enough for Sky to go from cocky kid to whimpering rookie.

Now Logan goes after the long legs of the inked-up upstart! He traps him again, and again in painful leg locks and scissors. Once he’s had enough, Logan straddles the struggling Sky with a beautiful school boy pin, covers his mouth (to keep him quiet) and then destroys Sky with giant blows to his crotch, chest and nipples. Will his dirty domination ever come to an end?

Logan seems to get sidetracked by Sky’s beautiful bulges and unleashes a bunch of knee drops to Sky’s balls.

But, this distraction gives Sky the chance to gain the upper hand and he decides that he’s gonna give Logan a taste of his own medicine! Stretching the bad boy’s body to the max, he makes Logan scream his submissions over and over. Maybe Sky has a mean streak we haven’t seen before?

It looks like Sky enjoys long holds as well, and Logan suffers beautifully as Sky works him over. A bear hug has the bad boy coughing to live and he screams, and I mean screams his submission! Sky’s turn to pose over the loser and show off his muscles.

Did he not learn anything from Logan’s victory pose? A sharp kick has Sky back on the mat and Logan in cocky control! These two just will not stop! Again, Logan pullls Sky up by the hair, and tries to break his back and balls! Logan refuses to let his opponent go, and sky stays trapped and on display!

These two keep going back and forth, it’s never clear who will win the match or the gym, but, I think the real winner will definitely be the viewing audience! If you like trash talk, long and slow submission holds, ball torture and skimpy speedos, check out SCORES SETTLED!

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