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CAST: adam fury


RELEASE DATE: 11/11/2002

Apollo Ventures always means better bondage and better boys! Adam Fury wanted to work with Apollo for months. Finally we took him up on it!
With two tops working on him, one at a time, he was hurting so bad he could hardly wait to get off. With the likes of Kyle Brandon and Apollo himself tag teaming the torment, Adam was the most obedient boy you ever wanted to work over. Tied down and his clothes ripped off, his body was open for everything. During the tit play and "warm up" flogging, Adam was slowly worked down. In the sling Adam eagerly jumps up and takes the large anal balls. With the balls still in, our boy is instructed to stand and take a good Apollo flogging! As he earns his time, the balls are pulled out, during the flogging!
The cum shot is taken care of for him, as he is moved from one scene to another. Tied in chairs and to over head beams!
Hot action! Not for the timid.

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