Close-Up Men

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CAST: donnie russo, doug jeffries, trenton comeaux, zak depallo

DIRECTOR: Steve Johnson

RELEASE DATE: 11/11/1998

When the Master Russo walks down the New York City streets all heads turn to watch him. One after noon as Mr. Russo passes by a sex hungry pig is sitting on a stoop watching him. He pauses, then goes back to talk to the pig and is immediately invited into his apartment. This pig is all set to receive some major abuse in his leather sling. This pig loves being roughed up with a dildo, wiped down with cooking lard and forced by Russo to be ridden as he squeals like a pig. Russo gets sucked and shoots his big hot load then lets the pig worry about how he's going to get off. Master Doug Jeffries and body beautiful Trenton Comeaux unite for the first time in scene two for some hot S/M play. Comeaux can take it! He gets flogged on his back and then takes a double slapper to his chest, stomach and balls. The great finish is Comeaux hanging upside down by his ankles as his body receives a thorough waxing and after that a major butt fucking.

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