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CAST: Jc, Nigel, Shawn, Mike Hunt, Andrew Lane,


RELEASE DATE: 9/12/2005

In ROOM SERVICE, producer, director, videographer Jimmy Dean delivers three different scenes that take place in a hotel room. SCENE 1: Long, tall, up-to-no-good cowboy JC is looking for an unlocked room in a hotel hallway. Finding one, he starts searching for valuables and finds a drawer full of leather toys, and a drawer full of trunks, shorts, and bikinis. As cowboy is giving you a fashion show, hot looking black haired Nigel returns to his room and discovers JC wearing a pair of his red bikinis. The fight is on. Nigel's street clothes are torn off to reveal yellow trunks. The bed and room are destroyed as the action heats up. Each wins a submission and loses his trunks. There's some foot fetish ticking. Finally winning the struggle Nigel jacks off with his legs draped across his unconscious cowboy burglar, then takes a solo shower. JC comes to, jacks off, and also takes a solo shower. SCENE 2: Scrappy, young ethnic tuffs Mike Hunt and Steve Winger argue over control of the hotel room's remote control. Tuff talk and insults quickly escalate into a fight. When their jeans get ripped off, Mike is wearing dark blue bike shorts. Steve wears various tatoos and red bikinis. Control of the remote changes back and forth. Mike pours ice cubes into Steve's bikinis, and soon both are bare assed. Eventually Steve wins their scuffle, jacks off, and hits the shower. When Mike jacks off, check out his cum. It's the thickest, purest, whitest splooge you've ever seen. SCENE 3: An ailing JC calls for the hotel's doctor....Andrew Lane. Dr Lane shows up, puts on a rubber glove, and tries to take JC's temperature rectally. BAM! The fight is on. JC wears striped bike shorts. Dr Lane wears scrubs over bright orange trunks. Soon the bike shorts and orange trunks get ripped off, and doctor and patient destroy the hotel room bare assed. In continuing action, JC finds chloroform in the doctor's medical bag, and uses it on him. When the doctor comes to he finds himself tied to a chair with JC teasing and tormenting him. Strangley super buff Jimmy Dean appears in the scene to play with the doctor still tied to the chair. Drifting in and out of consciousness, the doctor tries to decide who's real and who's not. You can decide. Solo jack offs, and solo showers finish off the action.

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