Rookie Beatdown 4

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Bobby Blake, Rico Dinero

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 6/1/2014

Rookie Beatdown 4 follows the continuing adventures of beautiful boy next door Bobby Blake, and olive-skinned stud Rico Dinero. The previous installment of this series saw this terrible twosome tear into each other as commanded by a domineering referee. They went from good little boys to badass brutes in just one session. Now we take the ref out of the picture, and let the brutes go to it unaided.

They tumble into the ring, cautiously, almost embarrassed. There`s almost a "walk of shame" feeling between them. They`ve already been through so much together. Each seems to wonder if the attraction they feel is mutual. It`s more of a dance than a fight, each step is carefully placed. Each move is one step closer to a kiss that seems to take ages to come. They begin with stretches, one beautiful body helping another to relax and release. There`s electricity in every touch...every finger stroke... every accidental brush of skin against skin... every slightly too lingering glance.

This match up, from the beginning, is about sex and experimentation. There is an innocence to the action, and the familiarity of two bodies that have already shared each other`s space before. Each practiced move is loaded with double meaning and innuendo. Bear hugs turn into long-held embraces, budding with passion. Pins and cradles blossom into tender, encompassing holds laced with ardor and boyish lust.

This is not the Bobby Blake we know from previous matches. No more boy next door. This Bobby owns his sexiness. He struts, smiles a crooked smile, flaunts his impressive ass and hairy thighs, all with half-lowered eyelids and a curling, almost dizzyingly sexy vocal pattern. He is a proud peacock, and his confidence is as alluring as his prominent nipples, his searching hands, or his swoon-worthy lips.

Unlike Bobby, Rico is sexy almost by accident. He can`t help it. From his rock hard arms and chest, to his shining tattoos. Every word that comes out of his mouth is sex. Every movement, sex. Every inch, sex.

The action moves to the floor. Arms and legs entwined, they roll and hump and rub, thoroughly enjoying the indescribably pleasurable time that comes before the kiss and release. Soon they are entwining themselves in the ropes, massaging hot oil into glossy skin, lips brushing, cocks throbbing, hands exploring until at last the kiss, and the opening of a door to a time of passionate sexual release for two rookies who have been beaten down, only to pick themselves up again, and find fellowship, infatuation, and romantic fervor in the ring.

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