BG Wrestling

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CAST: Robbie Cardenas, Danny Lopez, Danny Pacheco


RELEASE DATE: 12/14/2009

BOUT 1: ROBBIE CARDENAS VS. DANNY LOPEZDanny loves being pushed around on the wrestling mat by the aggressive, dominant, and muscled Robbie Cardenas. Robbie, as he appeared in these two matches, was a few years older than when he last appeared. He is now more muscled, has tats, but is the still dominant and aggressive wrestler, who loves his cock sucked, that he always was. Robbie while dominating Lopez thoroughly is able to slap his butt and finger fuck as well. As a reward for “winning” this match, Danny gladly sucks Robbie’s cock. The two go on to blow their loads almost simultaneously and then enjoy a cleansing shower. BOUT 2: ROBBIE CARDENAS VS. DANNY PACHECOThis Danny is decidedly more aggressive than the passive Lopez as you will see. Neither wrestler likes getting his ass slapped. While Robbie is able to reach and spank Danny’s butt often, Danny resorts in kind when able. But the match ends up pretty much the same as the first. Danny loses and eagerly sucks Robbie’s cock. The two go on to good cum shots.

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