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CAST: Jobe Zander (Brad Boyer), Rio Garza, Tyler Reese,


RELEASE DATE: 10/1/2011

Most of us love watching the stunningly good looking Rio Garza suffer in his hugely popular Can-Am matches. Rio's Revenge suggests accurately that the muscle god wins the matches in this video. Yeah, he does. But Boss Sexton does not pay his Can-Am exclusive the big bucks NOT to suffer. Rio suffers. Alot. Exquisitely. Following Rio's last shoots, Boss Sexton told him to hit the gym harder and come back even more muscular. O M G... wait til you see your Rio NOW! You'll also notice Rio's facial features maturing from a beautiful boy into a simply gorgeous man. Boss Sexton stuffs Rio into 2 of the smallest bikinis possible... silver and red... for his Revenge matches. After taking the beatings Boss Sexton has trained Rio to endure, Rio's pain threshold has increased right along with his muscle development. There isn't a wrestler in the entire video industry more breathtaking to watch.... or who suffers better and longer than Rio Garza.Rio's first Revenge opponent is Can-Am's popular pro veteran Jobe Zander. Jobe loses, but Rio does the suffering. Revenge's second match delivers very muscular and very hot Tyler Reese. Tyler also looses, but Rio pays in pain and suffering for the win. Rio's Can-Am videos are automatic best sellers. Boss Sexton has doubled his Rio's Revenge stock to handle all your orders without delay. We noticed Rio is wearing a "wedding band" on his left hand. Does that mean some uncommonly lucky man out there gets to go to bed with Rio Garza every nite? Life isn't fair, but Rio can be yours when ever you want him.... over and over and over. Order Rio's Revenge. You'll thank Boss Sexton. Again.

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