Right Click's Plan


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CAST: Jason Crew, Brant Moore, Kyle Adams, Johnny Donavon, Mason Flynt

DIRECTOR: Beau Bradley

RELEASE DATE: 7/23/2008

All the Superheroes are disappearing at a rapid rate. And it’s because there’s a twisted masked man on the loose with evil on his mind. Right Click’s Plan begins with molesting the poor helpless Pollenator, who’s been abducted and taken captive to Right Click’s Lair. Without his bees to help him and low on pollen, the weakened Pollenator has no choice but to submit to Right Click’s torture. Chained and incapacitated, Pollenator winces as Right Click brutalizes his nipples and locks an immobilizer around Pollen’s ankle. It’s clear he’ll be Right Click’s prisoner and boy for the night. In the meantime, Electro gives young Ice some training to beef up his powers. But the session also charges up the junior hero’s libido. Ice repays his mentor by stripping him out of his spandex and going down on his hard cock. The dynamic duo go at it until Ice bends Electro over and shoves his throbbing dick up Electro’s ass. Ice really lets Electro feel his fucking power until both of them spurt their super juice. Things are starting to look up for the endangered heroes until Electro shows up at Right Click’s lair to save Pollenator. Under Right Click’s mind control, Pollenator has no choice but to follow his master’s commands and help subdue Electro. With both his victims chained up, Right Click has his way with them - shocking them, torturing their cocks and finally, giving Pollenator the pounding of his life. The mind fucked superhero has no choice but to submit entirely to Right Click’s demands - and his mighty 10” cock. When Right Click sprays his load onto the Pollenator, it seems his plan to rule the world is succeeding. But bolstered by Electro’s training, Ice comes in at the finish to save the day and thwart the evil villain.

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