BG Wrestling

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CAST: Ren Adams,Peter Bishop,Buddy Justice


RELEASE DATE: 7/31/2016

We’re back in Ren’s Den and we are peeking in on Ren doing what he likes to do: tieing up some pretty boy with an exceptionally nice butt and doing what he wants to do to him.

Peter Bishop proves to be something of a handful though. He kicks, he bites. He puts up a fight. Ren tells him he loves feisty pretty boys. Peter is in no position to put up a fight and eventually he takes it with fewer protestations. Peter’s balls are hit, he’s forced to lick Ren’s armpits, his face is slapped, his nips are pinched and he’s finger fucked.

Buddy Justice makes a guest appearance and it’s two against one. Deep down Peter loves being the object of what is happening and blows a huge load at the end of the video while sucking on Ren’s huge cock and balls.

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