RedJay's Demise


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CAST: Dan Parker, Carter Jones

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 10/20/2019

All Superheroes have a weakness, and for Redjay it’s everything he has on his muscular frame. His red cape, his gauntlets, his mask... but he also has a weakness for his ultimate Nemesis, Dark Lord.

Taunting him from afar, Dark Lord toys with his prey before getting his hands on him in a powerful sleeper hold . Dark Lord torments Redjay, taking away his precious power gauntlets, choking him out with his own cape and stripping him down. Dark Lord makes sure that Redjay is splayed and spladeled for all to see. His muscles suffer beautifully in Dark Lords strong arms.

Redjay is utterly humiliated by the Dark one. Multiple times he is forced to submit and admit that he is the lesser man, including being beaten repeatedly as he screams “thank you sir, may I have another?” and then admitting to the Dark Lord that he is his “bitch.”

You can tell with every muscle in his body (and in his black speedo) Dark Lord is enjoying his punishment of the now whimpering and emasculated Redjay, even taking off his own belt and giving the young hero a power wedgie and a hard spanking to really drive his point home. Will this humiliating punishment never end? Not if Dark

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