Rear Window

Jet Set Men

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CAST: Curt Baldwin, Danny, Gauge, Jake Rogers, Taylor, Wade Mohawk

DIRECTOR: Chris Steele

RELEASE DATE: 6/4/2002

Peek into sex filled homes as Gauge watches muscle hunks bang ass with big, wet cocks.

Follow Gauge as he watches hot muscle hunks as they go into the house across the street and imagines the sex that he is certain is going on. As he sneaks across the street, we follow him as he peers in the rear window and gets turned on by the incredible sex. Since he is insatiable himself, he joins in a hot three-way--certain to inflame any viewer. Just when you think Gauge has been satisfied, his buddy and new exclusive, Jake Rodgers joins in the action. Don't miss the unbridled sex of this hot newcomer.

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