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CAST: Doc Holliday, Jason Ward, Marky, Shon Tracy, Brock Hillard, Tony Pachino,


RELEASE DATE: 12/10/2007

This set up is simple: six guys paired off in one room with nothing but the mats and a need to truly make someone submit. But not your usual submission. The type of submission where the guy is whimpering. The type of submission where the guy can barely say, "I give," because he's about to pass out. The type of submission where the guy might break something if he's got too much pride to stop fighting. And no one's going to feel sorry for the guy if something does break. This is real wrestling, with real raw action from real men. Can-Am wrestling coordinator Jason and our five debut guys - Doc, Marky, Shon, Brock, and Tony - live for wrestling 365/24/7. It's what gets them up in the morning and gets them off at night. All of them hook up through chat rooms and clubs and travel the country looking to prove who's the best. Whether it's on a motel room mattress, or in someone's private gym, this is the wrestling underground. Jason got some of the best of these wrestling rogues together and we brought them to LA to bring you four true Raw Mat Fights. Match one pairs up Jason and Doc, and it's nothing but sheer brutality. We always thought Jason was tough, but seeing him take Doc's unending gut and back punches proves it. And he keeps getting up for more punishment. Match two features Shon and Brock. The positions they bend each other into defy what should be the limits of movement. Brock is a hardened veteran who takes great pleasure in making Shon submit, body and soul. He gets Shon into a position where there are only two choices: get his neck stretched or get his crotch seriously head butted. He has to choose the head butts, and Brock is relentless, even when Shon tries to give up. Finally you'll see the big bulge in Brock's shorts as he takes his victory march. A few more minutes and we'd bet there would have been a big wet spot. Match three brings Jason back to fight lean and tattooed Marky. Jason has something to prove since he got trounced by Doc, and it looks like he'll power his way to a win. But wait until you see what happens when we actually have to stop the match. It's not for the squeamish. Things get even more interesting in match four when Shon comes back to reclaim his manhood against the truly macho Tony. These two end up stripping each other and their asses get beat bright red. And as much as Tony ends up whimpering, Shon won't let up. Even when Tony submits, Shon keeps punishing. Tony's nice Italian sausage is a convenient handle for many of Shon's best moves. When Tony is truly done, Shon throws him some lube and makes him beat off. Get ready to get raw!

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