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CAST: marky dukane, randy storm, rob cryston, trenton comeaux

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 1/2/2014

First in a trilogy of enormously popular PUNISHMENT CONTESTS in double feature format. Punishment Contest 1: The battle of the muscle boys...Rob Cryston and Randy Storm...hooded, collared, gagged, rip-stripped, nipple worked, c&b abused, flogged, retied, and brutalized some more with cum shots. Punishment Contest 2: The battle of the bodies Trenton Comeaux and Marky Dukane (both Zeus Models of the Year) in new threshold muscle punishment action and endurance. Trenton and Marky tough it out both getting flogged mercilessly by two tops simultaneously. Retied, reworked, and then unleashed...Trenton and Marky all but eat each other alive in the sexiest, sweatiest, most physical duo cum shot scene you've ever seen in one of the most original SM meatbeater Zeus has ever produced.

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