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CAST: Jimmy Clay, Tyler Ford,


RELEASE DATE: 2/17/2012

#7, the latest in Boss Sexton's very successful hard core series PRO SEX FIGHTS delivers Can-Am superstar Jimmy Clay wearing dark blue stretch tights and top, and clean cut hotboy with a water polo type body Tyler Ford wearing tight white tights and top. Bully boy Jimmy Clay is all over Tyler,and deep into butt boy's white tights. Clearly he likes to humiliate, punish, and inflict pain on hero boy types. Tyler Ford is a hero boy that takes everything Jimmy dishes out. Then landing a lucky punch, Tyler seizes the advantage and wastes no time giving Jimmy the payback he so richly deserves. Bully boy Jimmy Clay suffers loudly like a rookie, But not for long. Showing who's the boss, Jimmy wears his tights long after he's stripped Tyler of his tighty whities and dignity. Not to worry, Tyler has Jimmy's buff body butt naked soon, and both boys sweat out their aggressions. But somebody always gets fucked in Boss Sexton's Pro Sex Fights, so you'll love watching our hero boy in the tight white tights experiencing his perfect ass paying for his Can-Am rooky dues BIGTIME. Beat your meat and complete your collection of Boss Sexton's Pro Sex Fights series with Pro Sex Fights 7. You can just tell Boss Sexton loves his work. You will too.

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