Pro Sex Fight 6: Clay vs Vineland

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Michael Vineland, Jimmy Clay

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 4/23/2014

One of Boss Sexton's most popular wrestling series is his Pro Sex Fights. You know up front a Can-Am super star is going to get his muscle butt fucked, just for you. So PSF6 stars Can-Am exclusive muscle hero Michael Vineland. No finer a perfect physical specimen can be found hotter than Michael Vineland. A very sexy match-up for muscle Michael is newcomer Jimmy Clay geared up in what almost looks like a super hero suit...almost. Michael wastes little time in ripping young Jimmy out of his black tights and read spandex top.... down to a red bikini and red boots. Jimmy is now ready for his painful journey to newcomer squash boy hell. But what's this? Squash boy fights back? Handsome Michael realizes he has his hands full with this scrappy tattooed street fighter. Michael is not about to allow this upstart to victory fuck one of the finest asses in the industry... his. But things start to go wrong for Michael when Jimmy gains the advantage and starts handing out some hurt of his own... with Michael on the receiving end. It's back and forth. Both bare asses are sweaty prime targets for the other's heat seeking dicks. Vineland is a Can-Am superstar... and so is his splendid honey-cocoa ass. So would Boss Sexton deny you Michael Vinelands splendid honey-cocoa ass? Never. So get a grip on your luv clubs and watch young Jimmy Clay bulldoze then jack-hammer gorgeous Michael Vineland's trophy ass. Deep. Hard Pounding. Relentless. Ahhh... DAMN, that was good! Get Michael while he's still hot and ready for you.

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