Pro Sex Fight 5: Vineland vs Stevens

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Michael Vineland, Rusty Stevens

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 4/23/2014

In #5 of Boss Sexton's elite wrestling series PRO SEX FIGHTS, he tops himself by signing milk chocolate muscle god Michael Vineland vs the very hot totally perverted pro heel Rusty Stevens. PRO SEX FIGHT 5 is Can-Am at its classy professional best delivering maximum bash for your buck with Vineland and Stevens sweating their asses off for your jack-off contentment. Both total packages know every trick in the book. Both relish punishing and exhibiting their opponent. And both know how to suffer the brutal punishment dished out by the other. Wrestling in Can-Am's beautifully lit ring, Michael fights wearing very small blue trunks and blue boots. Rusty wears equally small red trunks and red boots. Rusty looses his trunks and dignity first enduring some brutal naked cock and ball bashing. Then Michael looses his. You'll wish you'd gotten both pairs of trunks... just for the smell of them. So... do you like sweaty prolonged hard cock and hard muscle worship? Own this video. Do you like massive mandingo muscle meat pile driving into a tight white muscle butt? Own this video. Boss Sexton personally directs the PRO SEX FIGHT SERIES.

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