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CAST: Kevin Crowes, Rusty Stephens,


RELEASE DATE: 6/17/2011

Number 4 in Boss Sexton's hugely successful (and rightfully so) PRO SEX FIGHT series definitely delivers the goods. Starring Can-Am favorite... the very sexy and (you gotta love his attitude and mouth) experienced Rusty Stevens. Rusty bulges in all the right places geared up in head to toe 100% red.... tight lycra top, stretch bike shorts, and red boots. Perfectly over the top. Ahh-h-h.. then there's very hot newby Kevin Crowes... in all black and grey stretch cropped top, 2nd-skin bike shorts, and black boots. Physically they could be bookends. Imagine being their only "book"? Anyhow... which ever way this match goes (one of them does get power fucked), you'll be thanking Boss Sexton for this one. If you like watching beautifully muscled show boy wrestlers suffer.... you'll love watching Kevin entwined and bound in the ropes, then stripped for the longest, sweatiest, sexiest beating in Can-Am history. Not to worry. Rusty suffers too. I mean REALLY suffers... (wink wink). I can't tell you who wins because that's who doesn't get fucked. Just trust me. It's delicious. I mean, gentlemen, it's near impossible to choose between these two specimen asses... but you'll be VERY pleased with both fucker and fuckee. Another match highlight is Kevin's truly brutal and relentless cock and ball torture on Rusty's buckin' bull balls. Rusty screams for mercy. He actually submits. But Kevin won't stop It's too hot. You won't get through this. Then when sweaty gorgeous Kevin and sweaty gorgeous Rusty get down to some sweaty gorgeous muscle worship... that leads to body licking and cock sucking which leads "???" to getting fucked, you will be a very happy Can-Am customer. This is good hot bodybeautiful hardcore pro wrestling. We can only hope Boss Sexton's extends this series. It's some of his best work. Oh... the lighting and the studio look great. Can-Am has a copy of PRO SEX FIGHT 4 with your name on it. Order up. You'll love it.

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