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RELEASE DATE: 10/1/2014

Eyes lock. Fingers brush against tightened abs. Your breath comes faster. Your lip quivers, needfully. Your heart races. You're standing face-to-face with someone you've never met. You want him. And you know he wants you. There's nothing like it in the world, that heady feeling that says you will soon be in each other's arms...soon be inside each other...sweating, pumping, kissing, and wrapped up like clinging vines, all flesh and sinew and muscle and hard, throbbing cocks. You know it from the instant you see each other. It's chemistry. It's destiny. And it all comes to fruition when two men decide to have themselves a friendly wrestling match.

That's what happens when A.J. Irons and Jake Lyons climb into the ring. They are fully clothed in workout gear, including shirts, and in the case of Lyons, pants. The clothes present a bonus challenge for these two horned-up hogs. They gaze longingly at each other, a mutual admiration society, clearly trying to imagine the best and fastest way to discard those pesky clothes and get down to the real meat. With no false intentions, only a desire to get right down to business, they strip down to just speedos and boots. Mouths water at the sight of each respective bulge. Massive. Bouncing. Incredibly pronounced, on both sides of the ring. Neither man expected that. Neither man is disappointed.

Irons takes the lead, asking Lyons to remove his red boots. This is to be a barefoot adventure, and Irons returns the favor, quickly and seductively unlacing Lyons blue boots. Off with the socks.

They now stand, massive bulges apparent, evenly matched, in just their speedos. They speak to each other in jabs and challenges, but their voices betray them, quivering nervously. They are all too agreeable, obviously ready and willing to pleasure the other man. Obviously fighting several dozen urges.

Jake Lyons wears a small blue speedo. His is slim, toned, less vocal. His is a swimmer's build. This face is that of a very serious boy with the jawline of a man. A perfect trail of hair points the way to this greeter assets. His abdominals are long and lean, and his biceps, emphasized by patches alluring armpit hair, are bigger than expected when flexed.

A.J. Irons, on the other hand, is tan and muscular, tattooed, and toned. His biceps cast shadows. His biceps glow. His back, shoulders, wings, triceps, all shine in the light. He is dark, handsome, and highly vocal.

When these two man decide to finally wrestle it out, the slap of flesh against flesh is enough to make anybody swoon. Surprisingly, it is the slimmer, shyer Lyons who clamps his arm around Irons.

"You can't get out of this, little bitch," he laughs.

"Beginner's luck," says Irons, before they tie-up again.

Back and forth they rock, like giants at war, all the while their massive bulges bouncing alluringly. Just when it seems Lyons is trapped, he grabs a full handful of Irons' package, rendering the titan immobile. Ball abuse becomes the primary source of destruction for these two, probably because each man looks so beautiful with limbs intwined in the ropes, legs spread wide, ready to be punished.

It's not long before these guys take it to the floor, pinioning each other in figure four leg locks and other more torturous holds. Incredibly, mid-hold, they stop to admire the beauty of each other's calves and arms. All too soon the boyish Lyons finds his head clamped tight between Iron's head, balls in his face, nipples being tortured.

Out of this aggression comes tenderness.

"Am I being too rough with you, boy," Irons asks in all sincerity, while stroking the chest of his "opponent".

Then the earth shakes. These men rise to their feet, face off, and apologize! Too much aggression, too much showing off. They agree, instead, to give each other their due. To give each other a chance to do what he does best. What follows is the sexiest exchange of moves, each designed to hurt, stretch, and satisfy. Fingers explore nipples, balls, cocks, and so much more.

Just wait until Irons teaches Lyons "The Pump Handle" move, which involves a full on humping of Lyons' blue-clad ass, and leads to the simplest, hottest move of all. That being Irons pinning Lyons to the floor, servicing his nipples, riding his cock...until they cannot take it another second, leading to a full on nut sucking, cock stroking, jacking off, throat gagging, spitting sex session that will have your head spinning.

These boys are into each other, from the moment their eyes meet to that final cum launch, and you will feel their chemistry and sweat-drenched harmony from the instant they peel of their shirts all the way to that hair-pulling, ball slapping, ass fucking final move.

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