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CAST: Drake Wild, Derek Fox

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 2/6/2014

The boy and the man...Clean cut, incredibly tan and toned Derek Fox appears in ass-hugging orange speedos, sensually stroking his smooth, swollen biceps. As he spreads his legs wide to stretch those tense, glossy muscles, you'll be wishing he'd wrap those glorious thighs around your head for a long, hard squeeze. As he lowers his masculine frame to perform some perfectly executed pushups, badass Drake Wild bounds into the ring with all the energy of a horny little puppy about to go for a walk. "So this is what I'm wrestling, huh?" he challenges, making the much bigger man laugh. Who could blame him? Wild is a fantasy in boyish charm, but at first glance he's got nothing on the bulging physique of his opponent. Wild is small, slim, wiry, with a rope-like musculature that begs to be worshiped by touch or by tongue, but when stared down by burly Fox, one can't help wondering if he's just a bit insane for taking on this swarthy tiger. Even so, there's that cocky grin, that scrappy, tattooed body, and a certain glint in Wild's eyes that begs for your undivided attention. As these competitors face-off, circle, trash-talk, the bigger Fox seems almost in disbelief at the mere presence of the the young scrapper, and maybe a little impressed. Amazingly, Wild never steps down. Will it be the gloating, bigger bastard beating on the beautiful boy? Setting this match apart from other pro style bouts is the obvious physical attraction between these glorious gladiators. Goliath tries to dominate his beautiful David, but his cock starts setting the tone as hands that should be doing harm and inflicting pain discover the delights of the smaller opponent's impressive abs and Appollo's belt. Wild suffers beautifully, youthful face twisting in pain...his mouth so full of sass and contradiction. "My grand prize," Fox mutters, caressing Wild's package through his shiny, black speedos. "Yeah, it's about to be in your ass!" Wild spits, setting the stakes for this epic, erotic battle. Wild moans like a bitch. Fox seems incapable of resisting the lithe lad, kissing his chest, neck, and face...promising to give him much more than that in this serious stakes match. Threats of anal penetration are thrown around just as sweaty bodies are thrown around. So often the competitors are on two different mental planes. One man suffering and red-faced, the other man kissing and worshiping the taught, pain-filled physique of his enemy in a state of erotic ecstasy. Each man is at war with himself. The toughest ball bashing mixed with the tenderest kisses and two-faced promises to do no harm. The smaller Wild is a confidant, combative force, glistening with sweat and continual charges and raging threats...his back, displaying a tattoo like barbwire angel wings. We soon realize that this Barbwire Angel is fearless "Get up," orders the Barbwire Angel, back beaded with sweat. Wild finds his metal, hoisting the bigger man around the ring, smack-talking, and deep massaging that impressive, fleshy ass. Head locks, leg scissors, abdominal pummeling, cock-to-face slapping, forced cock-licking, a torturous figure four, choking, balls pressed against the ropes, and quite possibly the roughest ball-abuse we've ever seen...ball-abuse that leads to one man literally begging for the end. Once the nude, sweat-drenched, sensual act begins, the fighting doesn't stop. These decimating dudes still find ways to work in the most painful holds in the midst of the most erotic and cock-throbbingly hot sexual dominance. As the action continues to move from combative to erotic, the cameras move in so tightly you can practically smell the balls as they slap these uniquely beautiful men in the face. Balls that saw so much abuse become treasured and cherished when taken gently by hands that once inflicted only pain. Mouths that once spoke only smack-talk become the reddened vessels of erotic satisfaction, all culminating in two of the most glorious cum shots ever filmed. At no point during the fight did these contenders deny their lustful feelings for one another. At no point did they resist the need to stroke their opponent's cock or torso, and at no point did they hold back from kissing or licking, even in the throws of battle. In much the same way, at no point during the ass-pounding do we forget that these men came here to fight. For fans of more overtly sexual fights, these are the men, and this is the match for you. It's boy vs. man in Pro Sex Fight 13...but which is the boy and which is the man?

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