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CAST: Tom Flex, Paul Perris, Doug Brandon, Alan Lawton, Xavier Marquez,


RELEASE DATE: 4/7/2008

You may have noticed that the Toronto based CAN-AM musclestuds seem to be having a who's-the-toughest rivalry going on between them. Examples: Paul Perris' double version of KICK-ASS BODYBUILDER FEUD 2: Mark Wolff's BEATEN BATTERED & BASHED: and Tony Valor's BEATEN BATTERED & BOUND. Unwilling to have his CAN-AM endurance supremacy threatened, and to validate his never-say-die reputation, Paul Perris asked to be matched against four of CAN-AM's toughest fighters. Only too happy to oblige, wrestling promoter and CAN-AM boss Ron Sexton pitted the mighty Paul Perris against Tom Flex. Doug Brandon, Alan Lawton, and Xavier Marquez. The result..... the astonishingly brutal PAUL PERRIS' PROLONGED PUNISHMENT double feature.

FEATURE ONE: PAUL PERRIS vs TOM FLEX & DOUG BRANDON. In his pre-match workout Paul Perris wears second skin white tights. Three-man in-ring sparring escalates into a full-on kickboxing lesson both Tom Flex and Doug Brandon won't soon forget... and never forgive. Now stripped to bikinis (Paul wearing yellow, Tom wearing pink, and Doug wearing grey) Perris first takes on angry and humiliated Flex and Brandon one at a time. Rules and sportsmanship are quickly lost to payback and vengeance. Early on Perris actually puts both Flex and Brandon to sleep simultaneously using a combination one-man headlock and leg choke. This impressive one fall victory further infuriates Flex and Brandon and their payback assault is even more vicious elevating Paul Perris' pain endurance to new levels. Perris suffers double-team beating.... held by one beaten by the other... tied up in the ropes and beaten gang style... finally ending with the magnificent Perris bodybeautiful spreadeagled and split-stretched on his back by both wrists and ankles by Flex and Brandon, Can Perris endure more?
FEATURE TWO: PAUL PERRIS vs ALAN LAWTON & XAVIER MARQUEZ. It's difficult to believe Perris could endure more punishment, but Feature One was just a warm up for Feature Two. Starting out almost civilized, Paul (now in a peach bikini), Alan (in a lime green bikini), and Xavier (in a hot pink bikini) pro wrestle each other one-on-one. Perris takes fall one from Lawton with an over-the-knee backbreaker. Lawton takes fall two from Perris with a rope bondage choke hold. But when Perris demolishes Lawton for fall three and throws him out of the ring, he's jumped from behind by Lawton's workout buddy Xavier Marquez. Dirty teamed from this point. Perris fights, suffers, and agonizes heroically... but doesn't stand a chance against dirty double fighting from merciless hotbodies Lawton and Marquez. Perris suffers endlessly in the pro ring, then is carried semiconscious to the oil ring to receive a continued prolonged double beating that confirms to CAN-AM customers once and for all that Paul Perris can take more punishment than any other CAN-AM superstar... or at least until Tony Valor, Tom Flex, John Thor, and Mark Wolff decide to challenge Paul Perris' endurance crown. One man challenging Tom Flex, Doug Brandon, Alan Lawton, and Xavier Marquez seems like madness unless that one man is the magnificent Paul Perris.
PAUL PERRIS' PROLONGED PUNISHMENT (double feature) is the new king of pro wrestling endurance matches. How one man can stand this much prolonged punishment must be seen to be believed. Buy it and believe! The CAN-AM / PAUL PERRIS GUARANTEE: You won't be disappointed!

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