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CAST: Mason Black, Santiago Santos

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 5/11/2019

In On the Mat 6, Boss Sexton gave spicy Santiago Santos a chance to redeem himself by pairing him with a more evenly weighted opponent for a change. But the only redemption was for those of you at home, who probably needed a fresh bottle of lube as he sexily suffered into another submission loss. Santos wanted one more chance, so maybe 7 will finally be his lucky number. When his sexy pits are exposed for a warm-up arm stretch, you might have trouble deciding if you want to bury your face there, or head straight for the prize at the heart of his tight navy speedo.

Boy next door Mason Black, fresh faced and a newbie wrestler, might finally be the Santos conquest we’ve been waiting for. Santos quickly promises to make Black his bitch and force him to say “I quit.” What Black lacks in moves, he makes up for with youthful energy. But even that still gets you only so far with an experienced mat battler. Black is soon double hammerlocked, groaning in pain, his dick making his neon lime trunks quiver a bit from his writhing. Transitioning to a full nelson and then a leg scissors, Black is learning that, for once, his boyish good looks are not going to carry the day. And Santos is not done teaching. With a crossface, surfboard hybrid, Black is feeling all of the pain Santos has to give. At least that position does an excellent job of highlighting the contours of Black’s meat and potatoes.

Santos can finally show off the moves he’s developed through all of his previous matches, and Black looks ultra sexy submitting to them. In one particularly painful surfboard, you may find yourself trying to reach into the screen to pinch Black’s perfect little nips, and make his suffering complete. Of course, Santos has to reach somewhere else, making Black’s nuts pay.

Eventually, Black does learn a few things, and briefly gets the upper hand, testing Santos’s resolve through a series of moves, including a leg scissors, full nelson, surfboard, and figure four leglock. But when Black’s grip goes for the balls, Santos’s pain turns into fire and he turns the tables again, executing a perfect Boston Crab. Winded, Black can only moan and groan as Santos has his way with him, leading to a camel clutch, bear hug finale where Black has no choice but to finally scream “I quit!” Over and over again. Seven is finally the Santos lucky number.

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