On Fire!

Jet Set Men

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CAST: Braxton Bond, Jeremy Hall, Aaron James, Jonathan Lowe, C.J. Madison, Guy Parker, Dean Phoenix, Jason Reddick, Jesse Santana, Max Schutler, Nathan Sommers, Sebastian Young.

DIRECTOR: Chris Steele, Chad Donovan

RELEASE DATE: 4/4/2008

ON FIRE! is the best title that Jet Set Men has released since Wash West`s award-winning movie, The Hole, it`s also the best title producer Chris Steele has fashioned to date. Co-directed and co-scripted by the successful team of Chris Steele and Chad Donovan, ON FIRE! takes the hoary old fireman/uniform premise and upends it on its supple ass. Even the stock footage of real-life destructive fires melds seamlessly with the cock footage of destructive ass attacks. Accomplishes the almost impossible task of creating a believably realistic background of firefighting, its training and day-to-day activities, as a setting for a gay sexual fantasy. Outside of sports, firefighting is the last profession that demands truly physically fit men. Co-directors Chris Steele and Chad Donovan depict the firefighters real world and superimpose a gay male fantasy on top of it, one in which all the firemen are muscular studs, well-hung and “on fire” - eager to have hot sex with one another. As the film begins, we see guys from the Jet Set Township Fire Department - young men in training, working out on a hillside, rolling hoses, jogging down the road, getting both the encouragement and discipline of their superiors. The combination of young recruits and their more seasoned superiors create a realistic atmosphere. Footage from actual fire scenes are interspersed with the new to set the stage for the action to come.

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