Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Doug Brandon, Allen Davis, Cole Douglas, David Travis, Ivan Stanley, Shaun Greenwood, Rick Hunter, Armond Faith, Gary Clifford,


RELEASE DATE: 10/25/2004

Before Can-Am offers you new wrestler / models in feature or speciality matches, they audition wrestle for us on tape. We thought you'd get off on watching these eager tightbodied newcomers strip down and show their stuff for the Can-Am producers, and the rock bottom price of $39.00. MATCH #1 Dirty Doug Brandon vs Allen Davis & Cole Douglas. Brutal nude two-on-one body-bashing, hard-on, mat action mayhem. This marathon actioner is worth the $39 bucks alone. MATCH #2 David Travis vs Ivan Stanley. First their spandex shorts, then their underwear gets peeled off with both boys revealing duo hard-ons and getting ass slapped and ball grabbed. MATCH #3 Shaun Greenwood vs Rick Hunter. Two very hot mat studs strip each down to T-back trunks, then on down to bare asses and hard-ons. MATCH #4 Armond (boytoy) Fatah vs Gary Clifford. This match is why we have auditions, but if you like butt beating and crotch grabbing, you definitely get your money's worth. Can-Am audition tapes are $39.00 because they're actually wrestling try-outs. The wrestlers get paid if their audition is marketed. And you get one hell of a bare-assed, hard-on, action-packed deal. Enjoy!

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