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CAST: Nikoli Bakov, Tom Flex, John Thor,


RELEASE DATE: 2/19/2010

Introduced to Can-Am by Polish countryman Paul Perris, musclestud Nikoli Bakov`s bad attitude in his climb to top matman has not gone unnoticed by two of Can-Am`s hardmuscle favorites Tom Flex and John Thor.
In a heated ego exchange, Bakov insulted the Canadian bodybuilders, then challenged to wrestle and beat both of them at the same time. Happy for the chance to adjust Bakov`s attitude, plus every bone in his body, Flex and Thor decide to test Polish pride and punishment endurance in a grudge super-match that`ll take your breath away.
After two full muscle bashing one-on-one matches in which Bakov (in a peach bikini) holds his own against unrelenting abuse from match one`s Tom Flex (in pink bikinis), and match two`s John Thor (also wearing a pink bikini). In both matches and for most of this tape the bikinis are long gone for prolonged butt naked musclebound body watching. After the first two matches, full two-on-one control comes quickly as Flex and Thor tie Bakov`s wrists together and stretch-hoist his beautiful bare body in the center of the ring for a barrage of body bashing that must be seen to be believed. One thing that`s evident about Polish athletes Perris and Bakov.... they sure can take a beating, and Bakov endures the roughest punishment Flex and Thor can dish out.
But just to make sure Bakov`s attitude adjustment is complete, our Canadians untie the semiconscious Pole, throw him in the oil pit, and continue to physically humiliate him in the most erotic and salacious nude oil three-way imaginable. Three of Can-Am`s hottest muscle wrestlers collide in 75 minutes of totally nude bodybeautiful wrestle-flexing. Ron Sexton`s muscle jocks are fighting again, and the undisputed winner of their ego wars is you. Nikoli Bakov`s two-on-one attitude adjustment is Can-Am hardbody erota-wrestling at its best. 75 minutes.

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