BG Wrestling

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CAST: Robbie Cardenas, Sean Banning, Scott Davis, Anthony Dillon, Tony, Eddie


RELEASE DATE: 11/14/2011

BOUT 1ROBBIE CARDENAS VS. SEAN BANNINGRobbie wins two straight freestyle wrestling falls, both via scissors holds, but it isn’t easy. He has to spend a lot of energy to overcome a very scrappy Sean Banning. Sean doesn’t know many holds, but he manages to squirm or slip out of many that are applied. Post match he sucks Robbie’s cock and eagerly jacks off with him. BOUT 2SCOTT DAVIS VS. ANTHONY DILLONScott Davis knows how to competitively wrestle in the freestyle mode. He is knowledgeable, aggressive and knows defense, too. Anthony knows only defense, so his wrestling skills are somewhat wanting. Davis loves to get an opponent between his legs and squeeze. Dillon submits a number of times in this match, mainly as a result of Scott’s devastating scissors BOUT 3TONY VS. EDDIENaked Wrestling is freestyle wrestling. To endure about 20 minutes of energetic and vigorous wrestling, a wrestler cannot be big and muscular. He must be lean, defined, and able to go the distance. For sure that is Tony and Eddie. Both are lean with well defined muscle, and with the added visual extra of being well hung. The wrestling definitely is vigorous and they are able to go the distance. The wrestlers are well matched, with Tony coming out on top. They shake hands at the end and go on to entertain us with some good cumshots.

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